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Walk-around entertainment

Aka walk-about | strolling entertainment

There are many descriptions for this type of entertainment but none really conveys exactly what it means. The term is very general and every performer has their own approach. Some offer extreme costumes like aliens or monsters. Many walk on stills to present an eye-catching figure. Clown Tom Bolton’s approach is more subtle. He stays a clown but can be the clown security guard who greets guests at the entrance to an event. Or the clown-cook-waiter who goes between the tables with offers of food not likely to be on the menu. The clown papa strolls with his baby carriage. And clown piglet Fred (or other animal for Muslim or Jewish audiences) and is a favorite for kids. Even if Tom is just playing a standard clown, he has many props and jokes to improvise and create laughter in every situation.

Another angle can be to present juggling and/or unicycling while strolling around. This contrasts to doing a stationary show. Balloon twisting is a complementary skill Tom can present along with his mobile performances. Whether balloons are made in addition, or are the primary focus; Tom always has some jokes to go along with making them. Making balloon figures becomes a form of entertainment and not just another object to be passed out.

Walk-around only needs short breaks

Not as noticeable as a show, with his strolling, Tom can still entertain many people. He can enchant 200 or 300 people for a 30 minutes show. Or with the same energy, Clown Tom Bolton can leisurely stroll and captivate individuals or small groups for a few minute each. Thus, over an hour’s time, a similar amount of people can be amused. With an average of 10 minutes break per hour, Clown Tom can do up to 8 hours of walking-act per day.

Shows are physically exhausting so that 4 shows of 30 minutes with an hour or more rest between is the maximum. So, with the walk-act, there is nearly always something happening. Only offering shows, there is the possibility that some people that only stay at an event for an hour or less might miss being entertained because it the performer was between shows. Tom has over 30 years of professional experience, so he is happy to make suggestions about what will fit best to your event. Shows, walk-around, balloon-twisting or a combination are all available.

Walk-around; alone or combined with shows

While shows are high energy, they need a certain space. Also, minimally a couple dozen people to create the proper atmosphere. Walk-about entertainment can be combined with shows but is often an alternative. Many events have a constant stream of new people but never many at one time. Rather than doing countless shows for just a handful of people, a tiring prospect, the solution is to amuse audiences with the clown walking-act. A similar problem is when there are too many people in too small of a space to comfortably present a show.


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Walk-around, walk-about, strolling entertainment


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