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Images of Tom Bolton’s show & amused audience

Clown Tom Bolton is an Entertaining performer, juggler and balloon twister. Here are  photos from Tom’s shows at outdoor festivals in Bietigheim-Bissingen and Stuttgart. Both are in the southern-western region of Germany known as Baden-Württemberg. Not just for kids but he often makes them to the star of a show by including them in routines. But Tom is not just the stereotyped „kiddy“ clown. He can also entertain  a roomful of business executives! Even a shy person will feel pride in having participated as Tom’s humor is provocative but always positive. It’s all about creating heroes rather than going for cheap laughs at the cost of the audience. His interaction with the public makes every show unique and brings many back to see him again and again.

Skilled performer with subtle humor

Clown Tom Bolton is an accomplished juggler and has technical skills of magic, pantomime, improvisation and unicycling. His emphasis is always on creating laughter rather than to impress. Entertainment over technical skill may sound like it is easy but to do it with style and subtlety is a practiced art. Tom has learned this over more than 30 years of performing experience world-wide.

An eye for observation, psychological understanding of crowds, reading as well as having self-command of body-language are keys to meaningful improvisation. Tom seems to almost have a sixth sense to immediately react to situations happening even behind him while doing complicated juggling routines. While many performers rely on being loud and brash, Clown Tom presents his shows silently. His emphasis is on subtle humor that can fit to nearly any event be it for festivals, company or private parties, weddings, birthdays or even in homes for the elderly or handicapped.


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