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Entertainment for trade-shows, trade-fairs

Offers for corporations and businesses

Performance artist Clown Tom Bolton brings charm and humor to any company or corporate event. Also for exhibitions, conventions, product presetantion and expos, Tom can draw attention to your stand or exhibition or even highlight special products or selling points. His entertainment for trade-shows creates a positive atmosphere. So can your sales personnel can more effectively start conversations with potential clients. His University degree in business/finance means he can understand how to combine business with entertainment. This results in happy customers. Tom greets and improvises with passersby with tasteful gags and jokes. Where needed he can use his technical skills to pep up the situation with a magic trick, short juggling routine or balloon figures.

As an eye catcher, Tom can incorporate juggling and riding his tall unicycle at trade-fairs. In addition he adds his superb skill of improvising with almost any situation. For many customers, Tom has come up with unique entertainment ideas. He can his tailor fit his style of slapstick comedy to individual events or companies. Tom understands that the performer is not necessarily supposed to be the center of attention for every situation. He can draw attention but also stay in the background when wished. Key is creating a fitting atmosphere to optimize the business goals of any trade-show or company happening.

Clowns can fit to a business event

Clowns are traditionally seen as entertainment for kids or as a circus act. Tom is a modern clown with universal appeal. Even business executives get caught up in his subtle humor. This confirms the cliché that a good clown can find the inner child left in all of us. But this takes a performer, shall we better say an artist‘, with feeling and experience. Entertainer Clown Tom Bolton, with over 30 years of professional performing experience, having travel the world, is truly such an artist. Cosnsier him for your next trade show, trade fair or product presentation.


Tailer fit Attract new customers Improve sales efforts

Entertainment for trade shows & trade fairs


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