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Entertainer Clown Tom Bolton’s promo video

Presents a city festival near Stuttgart, Germany

Check out the show at the XXL Festival in Bietigheim-Bissingen. It’s a lovely, small city that has often hired Tom from nearby Stuttgart. Happy crowds are amazed at Tom’s technical skills. Even more facinating is his fast paced improvisation and always positive but playful interaction with his audience. His volunteers truly become the stars of the show. His program can be modified for all audiences whether for a children’s event or a business happening. Tom’s clown entertainment is equally loved by adults as by kids. In addition he offers walk-around entertainment. Performing artist Tom Bolton can be booked for indoor as well as outdoor events and festivals.

There are also more videos of Tom to be found in the internet on sites like Youtube. Most are not professionally edited.  But moast help to give an even more complete picture of Tom’s ability to enchant a crowd to participate and create real laughter. All done without relying on the typical hype of many performers. Tom has developed his performance to an art form of the highest niveau; entertainment  that will appeal to audiences of all types. His silent show transcends the barriers of language but can be done with or without background music. He uses gags that are appropriate to any setting and is considered family friendly while still being exciting.

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Clown Tom Bolton’s promo video


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