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Show photos of entertainer, juggler, Tom Bolton

Festival show pictures

Enjoy these photos from performing artist Clown Tom Bolton’s shows at an outdoor festival in Stuttgart, Germany. They will run automatically as a slide show or one can stop at any photo by pointing the curser over it. Tom combines technical skills of juggling, unicycling, magic, balloon modelling with fast-paced improvisation interacting with his audiences. He fits his entertainment appropriately to every audience. He uses respectful humor whether doing shows or walk-around, indoors or outdoors, for young and old, of every culture or class. These photos show that Tom is able to enchant even large crowds. Yet he is flexible and can also fit his show to  more intimate audiences. His over 30 years of experience mean that organizers can trust Tom to take charge and overcome even difficult performing situations.

All audiences entertained

For company or corporate events, clown and juggler Tom Bolton can help to attract people to your stand or booth. Creating an atmosphere where your sales people can better advertise your product or service is his goal. For many events, Tom can set a positive mood by greeting the guests as they arrive. Later he’ll stroll between the tables or wherever people mingle and use short gags and improvisation to play with nearly any situation.

Clown Tom’s show is usually the highlight of any event and can be followed up with balloon-twisting for the kids and/or a juggling workshop.  Such instruction is appropriate for anyone from about 8 or 9 years of age. Surprisingly, performer Tom is able to adapt most of his gags done at outdoor gigs to indoor events with more limited space. Private customers can book Tom for birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. Virtually any special occasion to celebrate is improved with Tom as a highlight.


Dazzling performance For all ages Quality results

Clown Tom Bolton show photos 


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