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Juggler and clown Tom Bolton is an avid traveler and photographer. The below photos are from his world travels in Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, India,  Bangladesh and Thailand. Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Vietnam. Nicaragua, Nepal, Tanzania and Sri Lanka. Guatemala, Kuwait and Morocco. These are just a small selection of the many places Tom has visited.

One of the advantages of Tom’s career has been the opportunity to cross the globe. His world travels have taken him to over 60 countries on 5 continents and he’s not finished yet. Tom is fascinated about landscapes, nature and different cultures. He has traveled through much of Europe and America to work but also extensively in the third world. He likes to travel with a backpackand with his clowning skills he has gotten to meet and amuse countless people. This has meant that he could often photograph people and learn about their ways. Yet giving something back rather than just being obtrusive is an important goal.


Tom performs worldwide

During Tom’s world travels, he often makes small shows on the beaches or plazas. In schools or parks, slums and even a prison. He especially enjoys making contact to any circus school projects he finds. He’ll often visit to demonstrate juggling tricks or share his insights from over many years of performing experience. He has also written articles about these experiences to help such projects get better known and hopefully get more support. In addition, he has donated a large amount of juggling equipment to such projects in Peru, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Tanzania. Some of this came from support from various juggling equipment manufacturers, notably Henrys in Germany. But most prop purchases, and all of the shipping costs, were paid by Tom.

Tom has also performer for free or reduced fees for events at refugee centers in Germany in 2016. Supporting these people in need is central to Tom’s philosophy. His experiences in many countries has taught him how to reach across cultures to entertain. And one doesn’t always have to go half way around the world to use these skills. Tom lives a very simple lifestyle in Germany but life is not cheap. Unfortunately, he has not had the time and money to travel in the past years as much as he would like. Tom is not a registered charity but he appreciates any support to further his world travel. The best way to support Tom is by hiring him to entertain for your events! One can also help by setting links to his websites.

Where has Tom visited?

Countries Tom has been to on his world travel include much of the USA including Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Belize. Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. Chile, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. England, Scotland, Germany and France. Switzerland, Spain (including Ibiza, Mallorca and the Canary Islands) and Portugal. Luxemburg, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Vatican and Italy. Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Denmark and Sweden. Norway, Finland, Slovakia, Greece and Liechtenstein. Monaco, Morocco, Kuwait, Ethiopia, Tanzania and India. Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Indonesia. Malaysia, Singapore, The Philippines and Vietnam. Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand.

Tom also has a separate website (English only) with stories about his amazing travel adventures including over a thousand original photos.


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